Behold, the wonders of the Netty Pot.

I hate being sick. Who doesn’t, though? Monday I was fine. I got things accomplished, I even exercised that day, but by Monday night I was a snotty mess. By Tuesday, I had a sinus headache and a sore throat. Fast forward to today and I’m still sick, but I don’t feel like something ran me over repeatedly anymore.

I learned the last time I had a sinus infection that I can’t take sinus medication with my anxiety medication. Holly talked me into trying a Netty Pot and I was skeptical but willing to try just about anything. So I used it and while it was an odd thing to do, it helped. If you don’t know what a Netty Pot is, it’s essentially just a teapot for your nose. It comes with a saline solution, that you mix in with room temperature water (not from the tap!) You stick the spout up one side of your nose and tip your head (over a sink, obviously) and the water goes through your sinus’ and out the other side of your nose! The salt water clears out all the gunk clogged up in there. So you alternate, pouring water through and blowing your nose until you’ve used the whole pot and then you’re basically a new person. Sort of. It helped me a lot! I’ve used it everyday this week, which is probably the only reason why I’m getting better.

Other than that, I’ve been vegged out on the couch most of the week watching the Gilmore Girls over again. I’m on season 5, my favorite season. In Omnia Paratus!

Hopefully I’ll kick this infection completely soon, because as you all know, we have so much to do over the next couple of weeks and I don’t want to be doing it all while sick.

Also, I know that this post was pretty Netty Pot central, so I thought I’d let you know that while it totally could have been, it wasn’t sponsored. I just really like the Netty Pot and how much it helped me 🙂


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