Class of 2017

Saturday was Graduation day where I live. Holly’s sister graduated, so we were up way too early for a Saturday morning. (Holly worked 3rd shift Friday night, so she just didn’t get sleep.) We arrived at the school more than 2 hours early just to get a seat. We ended up having to stand in line anyway. It was crazy! They didn’t even get to fit everyone in the Gymnasium. Some people had to go to the Library or the Auditorium to watch the ceremony on a television screen. Lucky we were in the gym. I feel like if you aren’t going to be watching the ceremony in person, why be there at all? They really need larger accommodations for graduation, or else, only allow a certain number of guests per student. So we waited in the packed gym, squished into the bleachers. The people in front of us were extremely rude and kept yelling at their particular graduate on the floor randomly through the whole thing. Whenever it would get quiet, you could expect them to start shouting to her.

Finally though, it was over and we went to her celebration party. We didn’t stay longer than an hour or so because Holly needed sleep. It was strange, being back in the school that I went to, seeing the small changes that have happened over the years. It still smelled the same. Don’t schools always smell that way? I think they do. It was strange to see Haley graduating, because I’m pretty sure that she was just turning 13 yesterday and was so excited to finally get a Facebook account. That was yesterday. I swear. I feel old. Not to mention that I did not graduate from this school like I should have. I dropped out. Twice. And ended up getting my GED. We all have regrets and that is one of mine. But being back there brought up all that regret.

I’m happy for Haley though, she’s a great person, and though I might not always agree with the choices she makes (getting married so young and so fast) I love her like a sister, I watched her grow up and I hope that she goes far in life.

Congratulations to the class of 2017! 


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