May/June are so busy for us this year.

We’ve got a wedding shower and bridal shower to attend.

A Graduation to go to. (I haven’t been to a graduation at this school since the one for my sister in 2010. She passed away in 2009 and they left a seat open for her and gave her an honorary diploma.) Needless to say I’m not looking forward to it. I’m happy for Haley, but so anxious about being in that crowd. It’s more and more packed every year.

Wedding prep, making signs and food. Holly is in charge of food. The day of, she’ll be busy cooking 200 chicken strips/200 meatballs, and pulled BBQ pork.

The actual wedding. (Holly’s sister is graduating from high school on the 20th of May and getting married on the 10th of June.) Her mom has recruited us to work the wedding. There are four of us. Holly, myself and her two cousins. We’re actually wearing black tuxedo tees and black pants as a uniform. (She’s getting married in a field under a tent. It’s going to be so hot and if it decides to rain, I don’t know what we’ll do. )

Mine and Holly’s 12th anniversary is at the end of May.

Plus there is Mother’s Day – We spent the afternoon with my mom, my step-dad and my Papaw, we cooked her Sunday dinner and we all sat around watching tv. Holly made some amazing friend chicken which Papaw has requested for…

Father’s Day, which also happens to be the first day of…

A week long Vacation Bible School.

And 6 different birthdays thrown in through out those two months. (Holly’s cousin, her Mamaw, her step-dad, and her soon to be brother-in-law, plus my birthday and my sisters birthday, she would be 25 if she were still here today.)

We are in the middle of a very busy two months! I almost forgot to blog today actually because we were so busy, which is why this one is going up so late. Hours late. Sorry about that.


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